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If you follow us on Instagram and Snapchat, you know how much I love the Venus Freeze facial.  I’ve been going to Skin Sutra Medspa in Fairfax every week for the past month and have definitely noticed the difference in my skin!  My skin is tighter, smoother, and those pesky fine lines (I really have to stop smiling so much…) are fading fast.

We interviewed the sweet and talented Skin Sutra Medspa owner, and we are excited to introduce you to Supreet Ghuman!

TDD:  “Hi Supreet!  You’re an entrepreneur that owns two successful local medspas, a mom to one adorable kiddo, and a phenomenal aesthetician.  Thank you so much for taking the time, with all that you have going on, to talk with us a little more about Skin Sutra and the Venus Freeze treatment.  So tell us a little more about yourself!  What’s your background and how did you end up making the decision to opening your own Medspa?”

Supreet with Skin Sutra:
  “In 2007, I got my Cosmetology license and then I went on to aesthetic school to get my Master Esthetician license in 2008.  I’ve worked alongside plastic surgeons and dermatologists and have extensive training with latest technology, treatments, and products.

How I came to open Skin Sutra was through my passion of giving more to my clients. Spas are starting to seem like client mills, no friendliness, no taking the time to understand the clients needs; just pushing sales, no welcoming feeling; just another customer. I wanted clients to feel at home, be able to talk to be about their needs, life, and create a bond! I love what I do but I hate feeling forced to sell.  I believe when the client trusts you, they will continue to come and buy and even feel more open in discussing their issues of concern. And that is exactly how my clients know me. Clients not only enjoy the service but they enjoy the experience. It was always a dream to open my own medspa but you know what they say: “when its the right time, it will happen on it own” and that’s exactly what happened. With the support of my husband and family, we opened our first Skin Sutra in Fairfax, VA in April of 2015.  After two great years, we opened our second location in Gainesville,VA in January of 2017!

When opening, I kept in mind all the latest methods, technology, and procedure. I wanted non-invasive, effective, and treatments for all skin types. Therefore, we now have laser hair removal that is great for all skin types & effective.  The Venus Freeze treatment is non-invasive, for all skin types and effective, and our micro needling is highly effective and great for all skin types.  These are just a few examples and we have many other treatments that are within our standards.”

TDD:  “I can definitely attest to the Venus Freeze being effective with just my past month in doing treatments with you!  So what makes the Venus Freeze treatments so unique?”

Supreet with Skin Sutra:
 “Venus Freeze is a non-invasive skin tightening & body contouring treatment. It uses radio frequency and magnetic pulse technology to deliver the treatment comfortably and effectively. You can treat any area of the body including face and neck.”

 “Being non-invasive was a huge plus for me.  I got the results that I was looking for with no needles, chemicals or pain.  What are the short and long-term benefits of the Venus Freeze?”

Supreet with Skin Sutra:
 “Short term benefits is that you don’t need to take extensive time off of work to do these treatments because there is no downtime. Treatments are only 10-30 minutes long, depending on the area being treated. Results are subtle and progress over time and treatments yet still noticeable to the client.

Collagen is simulated so it fills fine lines, wrinkles, and reduces the appearance of cellulite which is one of the amazing long-term benefits.  It can reduce or eliminate the need for botox and fillers. It also works as preventative and anti-aging treatment for clients who want to slow down the age clock, or skin tightening for the client who has recent weight loss and was left with loose skin.”

“The no downtime is huge today.  I was able to leave the treatment without any redness, though I do understand that sometimes you may be a little red for a short time.  My skin wasn’t dry and I could tell the difference, and continue to be able to notice the difference, without it looking like I just had a facelift.  Even my friends can tell that my skin looks better, but can’t pinpoint why… Well here you go!  It’s because of the Venus Freeze.  You mentioned the different clients you’ll see that come in for the Venus Freeze.  Who is the ideal candidate, if there is one, for this treatment?”

Supreet with Skin Sutra:  “
Truly anyone can do the Venus Freeze treatment.  Those that would notice the most drastic difference would be candidates that have loose skin, loss of firmness to the face or body, have fine lines and wrinkles or have cellulite.  This is safe and effective with little to no contradictions. We’re starting to see a lot of younger clients interested in this treatments because they want to slow down the aging process. Plus more and more older clients are walking away from botox and fillers to look for more non-invasive and more lasting result treatments.”

“That exactly why I love this treatment.  It slows down the aging process and really gives me better definition in my facial contour.  That was the main reason I came in to help with that and the Venus Freeze has really helped!  Of all the treatments available, why did you choose this treatment for Skin Sutra?”

Supreet with Skin Sutra:
 “Venus Freeze is comfortable and it’s able to treat all area of the body, including the face and neck. Usually treatments that say that they do this are painful and unable to do all areas. This was the only technology that allowed me to give me clients effective results while enjoying their session comfortably. No numbing, no pain meds, no injections, no lingering redness, painful aftermath, etc.  I love the results I see in my clients. They always leave pleased and excited about their treatments.”

TDD:  “Alright Supreet this sounds too good to be true!  Effective results, no downtime, enjoyable session… what’s the downside?  Are there any risks involved?”

Supreet with Skin Sutra
:  “There is no risk with doing the treatments! There is no major contradictions involving this treatment either.  Clients cannot be pregnant or have open lesions and thyroid issues may interfere with the session, but these are not results of the treatments, just things that prevent someone from being a candidate for it.”

 “So you get great results with none of the negative risks associated.  Add that to the list of reasons I’m loving my Venus Freeze treatments!  I’ve done four sessions focused around anti-aging and have already noticed the difference.  How many do you typically recommend and can you tell our readers the average cost per treatment?”

Supreet with Skin Sutra:  “Depending on the area being treatments, it can vary from $150- $350 a session. Hands and eyes are $150, and large areas, like the stomach, are $350.

For the face and neck it is recommended to do 6 sessions, each 1 week apart. For the body it’s around 8-10 sessions, 1 week apart. Sessions are 7-14 days apart no more then 14 days, which will compensate the results. Consultation is recommend and complimentary to determine how many session it will take to achieve your desired results.”

To maintain, once the results are achieve you can do bi-monthly, monthly, or even every quarter to biannual maintenance treatments depending on the varies factors of age, skin, results desired, etc.”

 “So not only does it cost less than a facelift, but this facelift facial gives you the desired results safely and without invasion.  I’m hooked.  Thank you, Supreet, so much for telling us a little more about Skin Sutra Medspa and the amazing Venus Freeze treatment!”

When you’re ready to freeze time, below is the info for Skin Sutra Medspa!  Supreet and her team are knowledgeable and helpful and are ready to book your free consultation.  As an influencer, I don’t trust just anyone with my skin, especially my face, so I wouldn’t recommend them without having first tried it myself and am happy to say that I’m now a regular client at Skin Sutra Medspa.

Join me and Chelsea on Wednesday, April 12th from 6:00 – 8:00 pm at the Skin Sutra Medspa in Fairfax and see the Venus Freeze for yourself!  Supreet and her team will be there giving you details, demos, and a discount!

Skin Sutra Medspa

Monday – Friday:
10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Saturday: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Closed Sunday

Call/Text: 703-385-4470


Fairfax Office Location 

10560 Main St #506

Fairfax, VA 22030

Gainesville Office Location

7915 Lake Manassas Dr #208

Gainesville, VA 20155

Happy Freezing, Darlings!



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