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Ugh.  Aging.  Am I right?  When I turned 30, I started to realize that even if I was using the same makeup techniques, the end result was different.  Probably the most noticeable difference was the creasing.  I had to make some changes and I’m sharing with you my top 3 tips on doing your makeup over 30.


First, everyone’s face is different.  You might not notice aging until your 40… good for you… *insert sarcastic thumbs up here*  For me, certain lines weren’t visible until I put on makeup so that bring me to my first tip: avoidance.

Tip #1: Avoidance

Smile!  You see those fine lines forming around your mouth that kind of look like parenthesis?  Don’t put makeup there!  I use Make Up For Ever Ultra HD liquid foundation.  Smile, now using your foundation brush, apply it all over your face except where you see the lines around your mouth. Then, stop smiling and taking a moist Beauty Blender, blend your foundation all over while being cautious to apply gently on the lines around your mouth.  You want it blended there, but not applied directly there.  It keeps the makeup from settling into those lines while still giving you an airbrushed look.  If makeup settles into fine lines it ages you and that’s exactly what we’re trying to avoid.

extra pro tip: use a primer!  it fills the fine lines so your makeup will blend over, instead of into it.

Tip #2: Raise the Roof {and by “Roof”, I mean “Contour”}

Naturally with time, everything gets a little… lower.  Contouring is a great way to give you a face lift sans surgery.  (If your cheeks are falling below your jawline, this won’t work for you, please skip to Tip #3.)  I use the ABH powder contour kit.  The first 2 colors in the bottom row I use to amplify the shadow below my cheekbone.  Pretend you have an invisible line from the corner of your mouth to the top of your ear and that’s where your contour should be along.  Blend it well so it looks more like a shadow than a straight line.  Using highlighter above your dark contour is going to raise your cheekbone even more!

extra pro tip: use the lighter contour (the first one on the top row) underneath your dark contour to make it pop even more!

Tip #3: Eyebrows on Flickety Fleek

Your eyebrows frame your face.  Don’t neglect them!  A higher arch raises the look of your eye.  Line and fill it naturally and use the same highlighter from your contour kit right below the brow.  This gives the illusion of a more awake look and keeps your whole face looking put together.  If I need a quick look, I’ll put on CC cream and do my eyebrows and that’s it to keep everything put together and natural but polished.

extra pro tip: your lips actually age the fastest. while you’re remembering your brows, don’t neglect your lips even if it’s just a little gloss.

I posted a while ago about my skincare tips to help you glow underneath your makeup.  Linked here!

Enjoy the tips and amplify your fabulous, Darlings!



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