A Tale of Two Sisters

The Narrative of Nic is a fashion and lifestyle blog by social media influencer, Nicole Santa.

Nicole is a 30-something corporate queen with an ivy-league degree and a division supervisor position at an early childhood education company.  She lives and plays in the Nation’s Capital, Washington DC, with her it-girl sister, Chelsea.  Her edgy style embraces upcoming trends while showing you how to wear them in your day-to-day.  She’s often traveling with a coffee in her hand, Manolos on her feet, and a camera close by to capture those moments otherwise lost.  During the day, Nicole’s makeup look is more simple but she’s known for dressing it up for a girls night out in DC with her closest friends.

In May of 2016, Nicole and Chelsea started to blog together at TheDistrictDarlings without any expectations of what the future would hold. It was just a fun way to take two seemingly different styles, and blend them together to bring their readers a daily dose of darling.  A year later, TheDistrictDarlings had grown to become a licensed LLC with over 100K followers on social media, and features in Marie Claire and the Huffington Post.  When discussing the future of their business, the sisters decided to use the strengths they’ve developed through the start of their entrepreneurship and remodel into a new venture, The Narrative of Nic.  Chelsea is combining the hands-on skills she’s learned through her work on TheDistrictDarlings and the academic knowledge she’s learned through progression towards her Marketing degree, to become the Director of Brand Marketing for The Narrative of Nic.  Nicole will continue her role in-front of the camera and behind the computer as she shares the story of her street style moments and the tales of her lifestyle and travels to inspire you through her narrative.

By subscribing to the right, you can join the narrative and follow Nicole’s story of who she is through what she wears and the lifestyle that drives her.  A story that will continue to be developed, to be improved, and continue to inspire.

Thank you for being part of our story.

Contact The Narrative of Nic at: team@thenarrativeofnic.com

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