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Every outfit needs a little something “extra” and this season’s updated fringe is just that.  This attention-seeking accent is a trend that has been seen on dresses, pants and accessories every few seasons.  After the fringe fancy when “The Great Gatsby” was re-released in 2013 and everyone wanted to be a flapper, the trend died down for a little before making a comeback this season.

Fringe was swinging from the runways on skirts, dresses and it even had a denim moment in Dior but in an updated and fancier way.  The trend is adding dimension and texture with a more subtle and less “festival” result.  So how do you wear fringe without looking like you came out of a western?

  • Look for low-key touches on skirts and dresses.
  • Simple is best when wearing fringe on your top.  Find tops with accents just on the sleeves or one or two thinly fringed stripes across the bodice.  Not all-over.
  • Have a monochrome moment.  These pants from Lavish Alice are monochrome so they don’t overpower my small frame and the short, layered fringe gives the trousers dimension.
  • If looking for thick or heavy fringe, stick to your accessories.  Shoes, slides, loafers and we’ve all seen the Gucci mules, look best with thick fringe.  If you want to introduce the trend into your wardrobe without going overboard, try some heavy fringe earrings.  Make sure when you store them though they’re hanging or you’ll end up with a tangled mess.
  • On the opposite end of the monochrome spectrum, wear fringe as a pop of color for your look.  Don’t go overboard though and keep it to just a pop maybe with a pink fringe brooch or yellow fringe accent from your collar.  Keep it to just a pop though.  Fringe itself is attention-seeking enough without going for a full hot pink fringe pantsuit.



Get your fancy-pants out and party on this season.


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