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In the 1950s, Bing Crosby walked into an upscale hotel in Vancouver, Canada.  Despite being, well, Bing Crosby, the hotel team almost denied him entry because he had been wearing an all-denim outfit.  Levis heard about what happened and sent him a tailored, all-denim tuxedo.  Crosby may have dreamed of a White Christmas, but I doubt even he could have dreamed of how his “Canadian tux” would impact fashion even half a century later.



Denim-on-denim has become increasingly trendy thanks to celebrities like Alexa Chung, models like Bella Hadid, and the street style stars of Instagram.  What was once a fashion faux pas, like pairing pink and red, is now impeccably 90’s cool and is a look that can be worn by everyone.  The secret is balance.


First, man or woman, know your body and what flatters your shape.  Focus on proportions and how to balance the look on your body.  Lighter shades draw attention and darker give more of a slimming appearance.  For most, this means that dark denim jeans, and a lighter denim top or jacket is the most flattering way to go.  With this full Dear John denim look, I wore a lighter denim on the bottom to highlight it and, keeping in mind that darker denim slims, I wore that shade on the top.



Breaking up your denim also helps with balance.  Avoid denim that’s the same wash so it’s more effortless.  You can also break up the look with a white tee or adding a plaid jacket or fur to top it off.  It balances the pieces while focusing on proportions and adding a little “something extra” without going overboard.  Different silhouettes can accomplish this too.  While skinny jeans are probably the easiest, you can balance a slouchy pair of boyfriend jeans with a lightweight chambray top and still get an effortlessly balanced look.  Still a little nervous about doubling your denim?  Try playing with colors and accessories.  You can start out by pairing different shades of denim together like white jeans and a chambray shirt or blue denim jacket or a full monochrome look with black jeans and a black chambray top.  I’m a fan of monochrome with a pop like this Dear John denim look with a blush duster below.  Dear John has denim pieces in so many different weights, washes and distresses that it was easy to find a full look all in one place.  The quality was fantastic and, though it’s hard sometimes for me to find jeans because of how small my waist is, there denim had the right amount of give that it could fit over my hips and still be tight on my waist without having to take it to the tailor like I do with almost all of my pants.  Everyone wants a small waist until they find out it comes with a $120 tailor bill because they have to rebuild the waist.  Thank you Dear John denim for saving me from that and you can shop the pieces from this post below, Darlings.



Accessories like red boots, faux fur or a red lip also compliment an all-denim look too.  Accessories you want to avoid though are denim accessories and Western pieces (unless you’re in Texas and that’s your thing).  Keep the jeans confined to your clothing and avoid adding denim shoes or a denim handbag and unless you’re going to the rodeo steer clear of cowboy boots and bolo ties.  You’re not a caricature.

Need more reason to not pair denim accessories or the same wash to an all-denim look?  Let me leave you with this look from Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the 2001 American Music Awards.  Follow some of the tips above and it’ll probably be impossible for you to go this wrong.



Can’t wait to see your denim, Darlings!





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