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Recently we had the pleasure of attending an event hosted by our blogger friend Angelica Talan.  The event was hosted at Make Studios in Clarendon to introduce us to Ginny Wright of Body by Ginny and her incredible Total Wellness Challenge.


left to right: Angelica Talan, Ginny Wright, Karen Bates


Ginny Wright is a certified health coach and personal trainer and she founded Body by Ginny.


BbG specializes in boot-camp style classes held in parks and other locations. All classes meet outside regardless of the weather. With new workouts and muscle groups targeted every time, clients who have been with BbG for more than 10 years say they have never had the same class twice! Workouts are continually updated and refined to keep up with current fitness trends and BBG’s aging, super-strong clients.


Ginny started the Total Wellness Challenge to combine three integral elements of wellness: nutrition, fitness and mindfulness, in a four-week challenge in the form of an online game!


For 30 days, players earn and post daily points in 3 categories: nutrition, fitness and lifestyle. The idea is to be mindful and make progress over the 30 days and develop healthier habits that will stay with us for the long term.


The event had some really amazing homemade, healthy snacks that Ginny took the time to make herself.  We had never tried tempeh before but the way she prepared it, I was shocked at how tasty it was!  She has this and so many other recipes on her Body by Ginny Blog.  I’m definitely giving her stuffed peppers recipe a try soon!

Angelica is one of the most altruistic women we know.  She is always connecting people and she is SO talented at it!  At any event she hosts, there’s always a great group of people there that are willing and excited to empower each other.

Stolen from Snap

Before we got our act together.

Much better blogger babes.

After the event, we all went over to Ambar in Clarendon to celebrate another successful Angelica in the City event!  You guys seriously, if you haven’t tried Ambar, go.  They have some really great options and many that would fit right in with the Total Wellness Challenge!

We always loving seeing these women and learning about some amazing local women entrepreneurs, like Ginny Wright.  Our swag bags were full of great goodies that went right in with the wellness theme and we are excited to try them all!


Cannot even wait for our next Angelica in the City event and are beyond excited to get started on our Total Wellness Challenge!  We hope you’ll all join us, it starts today and hopefully will carry into the rest of your life, Darlings.



Happy Birthday Total Wellness Challenge!  Best wishes for many, many more.





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    January 17, 2017 at 7:32 pm

    Thanks for the write-up and thanks for coming to the party!

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    January 24, 2017 at 12:47 am

    This is such a beautiful event recap! Thanks so much for the love! You two are such an inspiration to me too! “Your vibe is your tribe” and I’m so blessed and lucky to have you two in my life! Xoxo…

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