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Hair is funny isn’t it?  We’re all a little more obsessed with it than we probably care to admit.  We cut it, dye it, shave it, straighten it, curl it and everything in-between.  Sometimes bad hair can set the mood for your whole day!  So we set out looking for hair utopia and found it with Sassoon Salon and their new collection, aptly called “Utopia”!


yo͞oˈtōpēə/ (noun) an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.


Chelsea and I have completely different hair.  She has thick, black hair that she wears with her natural ringlets.  I have fine, blondeish-brown hair that I wear straight.  Finding a salon that can tame both of our manes can be tough because we’re on opposite ends of the hair spectrum.  Enter: Sassoon Salon.  Sassoon has multiple locations in the UK, US, Germany AND Canada!  We went to the salon in Mclean in Tyson’s Galleria and met with the Color Director, Phuong, and the Salon Director, Yoshiko.

We wanted something updated but still easy maintenance and were drawn to their newest collection, Utopia.

There are some key elements to the collection that both Directors gave us bits and pieces of to update our look for 2017.


The Classic 2.0- Push the boundaries on a timeless look. This season we’ll see an update to the classic Sassoon cut— introducing the chic, convenient, and effortless Messy Bob (MOB).


My haircut comes to a point in the back and I wanted to keep the length but update it.  I didn’t go full MOB but Yoshiko give me a straighter edge and some easy layers since I like messier styles (sidebar: isn’t an effortlessly messy bun one of the most shockingly effort-full styles?!  I mean geez!).



Opposites Attract –As we begin a new season, the color palette tends to shift to warmer hues. This fall, consider complementing your favorite fashions with cool hair. “Combine shades of oyster blonde with a light cashmere for subtle, head-turning shine. For lustre and longevity, the 3-tier Color Prestige Service will keep your color beautiful through the season,” says Richie Riveria, North American Color Director.


OB-sessssssed with my new oyster blonde hair.  It’s a new twist on the grays and platinums and even rose golds we’ve been seeing lately and I’m loving what Phuong did with it.  Don’t get me wrong, platinum is still ultra fab (hello, have you seen our friend Dani from Blonde in the District??) but I was excited to push boundaries with this color.


Chelsea also went lighter but with warmer, more caramel highlights.  Her ultimate goal is platinum, like Rita Ora platinum, but because her hair is the blackest-black, it’s going to be a journey and we’ll take you through her road to gold (well, platinum) in the upcoming months.  Phuong used over 80 foils on her to bring her to Part 1 of the process.  Chelsea has, as Phuong put it, “4 heads of hair” because it’s SO thick.  She gave her great advice to do it slowly overtime instead of just full on bleaching to platinum in one sitting so she’d be able to preserve her curls and not end up a damaged, potentially orange-ish look.


Functionality– as innovations in technology arise, functionality holds the most importance and the same is true for your hair (Hello iOS update?!). Sassoon embraces the “wash-and-wear” hair this season— the idea that with the correct cutting and color techniques, minimal styling and maintenance is required.


Yoshiko did an amazing job with making Chelsea’s cut more functional.  Because her hair is so thick and bottom heavy, she added layers to thin it some, lessen the weight, and give her curls more structure.  Chels is all for wash-and-wear because of her ringlets and with a better cut and no split-ends, this was the perfect update for her.



The Utopia collection at Sassoon has some really great aspects to it that worked for both of our hair types.  We took different pieces from it to end with two updated looks that we are both REALLY happy with!






So thanks to the Sassoon Salon team, we have found UTOPIA, Darlings!



This post has been sponsored by Sassoon Salon.  All opinions are our own.

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