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Your fix to Apple’s removing of the headphone jack on the new 7 is here! High-quality Swedish designed, Bluetooth Vasa BLÅ earbuds from Sudio Sweden!

They are perfect for replacing Apple’s new (and strange)”Air Pods”, or if you just want a stylish upgrade from what you have now. The ease of these earbuds is what I really love, you just switch on Bluetooth on your device, hold down the power button on the buds and you’re connected for up to EIGHT HOURS!


Each pair of earbuds comes in sleek packaging that contains the earphones with four pairs of extra sleeves so it’s adjustable to any ear size, a genuine leather carrying case, metal clip, charging cable and battery. The battery life provides a solid eight hours of freedom and when you’re running low, just pop in the charger for only 10 minutes and you’re ready to go! Your battery life will even be displayed on your device so you’ll always be up to speed. My favorite feature of these earbuds is that they crafted and perfectly developed an anti-tangle cord. Gone are the days of unraveling your earbuds from the knots of its own cords with their new design of flat cables.


             The Vasa BLÅ earbuds are the perfect tool for any activity, whether it be just on a phone call, jamming to music, or even on a run! The lightweight design (the lightest on the market to date) and pairing the battery and microphone/control on opposite sides makes running an ease. There’s never a problem of either of the boxes weighing one side down and inevitably popping out when you hit the trail.


The Vasa BLÅ buds come in four colors so it becomes the perfect gift especially with the holiday season approaching (keep reading for a discount code 😉 ). The earbuds come in the color I chose below which was matte black with a rose gold finish, Nicole’s pair (up top) in white and rose gold, and also baby pink and deep blue with gold finishes.






Lastly, the sound quality in these earbuds is phenomenal! In the past, I’ve tried everything from Apple’s earbuds to the Beats earbuds and with Sudio Sweden, you get a sound quality and noise isolating feature that compares to no other. You really get that high-end results for a not so high-end price which is always a plus. They crafted the perfect combo between the amplifier and driver to really pull out every note and give the listener the ultimate Sudio experience.

Be sure to save $$$ with our Discount Code “TheDistrictDarlings”, and enjoy a true music experience.


with love, xoxo


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