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Hello Darlings!

Today’s beauty post is dedicated to my newfound favorite touch, stiletto nails. They are trendy, exquisite, and can create a true statement piece in your look. Celebrities love complementing their style with this long and pointy nail, and this, of course, made it really popular in the last few years.

Below are some of my favorite stiletto acrylic manicures I’ve gotten over the past six months.  I was hesitant at first to go with a longer nail, mainly because of the fact that I thought I couldn’t do everything the same (I still struggle with opening my car door without breaking a nail), but having them isn’t as bad as I expected! It just means I get that little extra help from my boyfriend when I need a water bottle opened or a coin picked up from the ground- #TheUltimateStruggle. Similar to my preference of stiletto nail shape is the almond shape. Almond shapes are typically not too pointed, but rather more rounded. I like to go with a long and noticeable manicure that’s usually a pop of an interesting or bright shade to contrast my most preferred color of clothes: black.





Celebrities are fans of these perfect claws to add a sense of edge to their style. You can keep the nails simple with solid printed colors, add one stand-out gold/silver sparkle polished finger, or go all out with crazy nail patterns and decals. Icons such as Lady Gaga, Lana Del Ray, Kylie Jenner and more are known for their long and solid colored nail manicures. Top trend setters of stiletto nails are undoubtedly Rihanna and Zendaya (bottom three). The two fashionistas know how to step their game up with heavily designed nails pictured below.


Achieving extravagant nail art at home like Zendaya’s may not be as hard as it seem. Nail stickers and decals will do the trick for the major effect and are available at online shops like Moon Sugar Decals and local beauty stores such as Sally Beauty Supply and Ulta.


I, like most, turn to Pinterest for most of my nail inspiration. On mornings before my nail appointment at Nails For You with Tracy, I always search up color inspirations, before deciding which color to go with. I recently came across two photos and am stuck between going with the longer matte-black look next, or the army green with a gold sparkle accent. I love to get your opinions so feel free to comment on my Instagram on with what you think, and which is your favorite!


with love, xoxo


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