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Like most curly-haired girls, I grew up hating my thick curls and envying the girls with the straight hair that could run their fingers through it- (my life goal). It wasn’t until I learned how to properly take care of my curls and find the perfect products that I learned to love them! All together my routine takes roughly 20-25 minutes factoring in and out of the shower styling. I’ve experimented with techniques and products over the years and have found my go-to regimen. Below, I’ll go through my daily hair care routine for those in search of their “Holy Grail” products!


Generally, curly hair is prone to being dry, which is the reason why it’s so important not to over-wash it so I aim to wash my hair no more than 1-2 times a week.

  1. I start by applying a walnut-sized amount (dime just wont do with all this hair) of Schwarzkopf’s Bonacure Repair & Rescue Shampoo in the shower and focus on rubbing it into my scalp with my fingertips for about 30 seconds and rinse out
  2. For conditioning, I like to use the matching Schwarzopf’s Bonacure Repair & Rescue Conditioner. I use a golfball size amount and massage it into my hair and leave it in for around 3-5 minutes while I finish the rest of my shower

**Before rinsing it out I take my wide-tooth comb and run it through from the ends up to detangle my hair and distribute the conditioner. It’s important that you only comb/detangle your hair with product in it to reduce breakage! Also if you’re a fellow curly, please take this time to run to your bathroom and THROW OUT YOUR BRUSH- brushing not only breaks your ends, but also stretches your hair and curls out causing dullness and frizziness**

3. When I get out of the shower, I like to use an old cotton tshirt or a microfiber hair towel to wring out the leftover water without creating frizz as opposed to using a regular bath towel



I like to wait for my hair to be about 50% dry before applying any product- Granted, if you’re pressed for time you can use a diffuser to dry your hair to that point. I suggest flipping your hair over and holding the diffuser close to your scalp, moving it around slowly because it can turn Mufasa real fast

  1. Before styling, I like to spray a couple spritzes of Bumble and Bumble’s BbCurl Primer all over my damp hair and comb it through to give it that extra control and soft feeling
  2. Post-primer, I apply roughly 2 eggs worth of John Frieda’s Frizz-Ease Mousse for a little curl boost and hold.

**Most curlies avoid mousse thinking it gives their curls a crunchy/hard look and feel, but his products do just the opposite. It gives my curls a light and lifted feel**

3. This is where it gets interesting so stay with me here, I like to apply a quarter sized amount of Schwarzkopf’s göt 2b Spiking Glue– (yes, I know, I said glue) into my palms and rub it together before applying it to my hair in a scrunching motion

4. I finish off by spraying a little of Schwarzkopf’s göt 2b Freeze Spray all over and lift up the top layer of my hair and spray that under layer for overall control and locking in my products

**My last two steps might have surprised some people but hear me out!    Schwarzkopf’s glue and spray will not give your curls that sticky, stiff, hard texture you might be thinking. I like to add those two products to help my curls stay touchably soft and in place throughout the day while fighting off frizz and humidity. Ladies believe me, you will not walk out the bathroom with the Jersey Shore spiked Pauly D look you might think**

Paul DelVecchio (Pauley D)

Remember, curly hair is a beautiful thing. A beautiful thing that can sometimes have a mind of its own. If you’re having a bad hair day (we’ve all been there)- just pull the girls back for the day and try again the next!

With love, xoxo


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